iStevia 12X PreMix

iStevia Premix (12X) is specially designed for the bakery, confectionery and dairy segment. Use of pure steviol glycosides or rebaudioside A(RhebA) in making sweets, baked products and dairy products often results into loss of texture, flavour and mouth feel of the food. To overcome this, and to produce foods with predictable physical characteristics, iStevia 12X PreMix has been developed.

Principal features of iStevia Premix (12X)

  • iStevia 12X PreMix sweetens the food and also simulates the texture, viscosity, mouth-feel and flavour of cane sugar in food without contributing to any calories.
  • iStevia Premix (12X) can replace even 100% of sugar in dairy based sweets without any compromise in taste and appearance of the product.
  • iStevia 12X PreMix is heat stable and compatible with most food additives; thus, baking and frying of foods with this is easy.
  • iStevia 12X PreMix does not impart any undesirable odour and aftertaste in the food.
  • iStevia 12X Premix’s  taste profile is unparalleled; it does not produce any bitter aftertaste and slow sweetness onset like other common stevia based food additives
  • iStevia 12X Premix contains special non-nutritive carbohydrate fillers of German Origin; this ensures “sugar like” crystalline nature for the end product.
  • iStevia 12X PreMix has a very low Glycemic Index of 2 compared to 100 for Crystalline Cane Sugar.
  • iStevia 12X PreMix is Non Hygroscopic and therefore, has a very good “keeping quality”.
  • iStevia 12X Premix has a specially developed Stevioside / RhebA ratio which ensures high solubility and ensures 100% quick and dispersion in food and beverages. The vehicle is completely soluble in water; so, it does not leave any unpleasant floating or sedimentary residues.
  • iStevia 12 X PreMix is 12 times sweeter than Cane Sugar


  • iStevia 12X PreMix is packed in 1000 grams foodgrade Poly Jars
  • 12 such jars are placed in Paper Cartons for Distributors
  • Bulk Packaging can be done on request


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