iStevia Diet Sugar

iStevia Diet Sugar is a spoonablestevioside based sweetener formulation which has a sweetness equivalent to common cane sugar. iStevia Diet Sugar can be used in all types of cooking, baking and dessert making. iStevia Diet Sugar has a very low glycemic index and does not have any adverse effect on blood sugar levels.

iStevia diet sugar not only sweetens the food, but also simulates the texture, viscosity, mouth-feel and flavour of cane sugar in food without contributing any calories. The taste profile of the product is unparalleled and it does not have the bitter aftertaste and slow sweetness onset like other common stevia based products. Use of special non-nutritive carbohydrate fillers imported from Germany ensures very low glycemic index along with sugar like crystalline nature of the product. The product is not hygroscopic and havs very good keeping quality.

Features of iStevia Diet Sugar:

  • Natural non-nutritive low sweetness index carbohydrates are used as dilutant and complementing agent for sweet taste.
  • Specific Stevioside/Reb-A ratio is used which has high solubility as well as high sweetness index.
  • Natural taste modifiers are used to enhance the sweet taste and mask the aftertaste.
  • The high solubility of the solid vehicle used ensures quick dispersion in food/ beverages. The vehicle is completely soluble in water and does not leave any unpleasant floating or sedimentary residues.
  • Special Non-nutritive carbohydrate filler used in the material for very low glycemic index.
  • User friendly spoonable formulation in free flowing granular form.
  • Sweetness intensity equal to common sugar.
  • Simulates sugar like texture, flavour, viscosity and mouth feel in food.
  • Does not have any bitter after-taste and fast onset of sweetness perception.
  • Does not stick to the spoon – so easy application in all food.
  • Stable in high temperature, thus suitable for use in baked foods.


  • iStevia Diet Sugar is packed in 100 gram poly bottles for retail sale
  • 24 such bottles are packed in recyclable paper carton for shipment to distributors
  • iStevia Diet Sugar is Bulk Packed in 5 kg Paper Bag / Poly Carton for Industrial use

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