iStevia Liquid Drops

iStevia Liquid Drop is a product designed for ultimate user friendliness and economy.

iStevia Liquid Drops has unparalleled taste profile which is replicates the taste of sugar and has no bitter after taste

Technical Characteristics of iStevia Liquid Drops

  • Is in liquid form for quick dissolution in hot or cold beverages.
  • Is packed in food grade HDPE bottle fitted with suitable dropping nozzle and pilfer-proof cap.
  • Has a shelf life of one year from the manufacturing date
  • Needs no refrigeration for long time storage.
  • A 15ml pack of iStevia Liquid Dropis good for at least 150 servings – most economic for the user
  • Specific Stevioside / Reb-A ratio used which has high solubility as well as high sweetness index
  • The high solubility of the vehicle used ensures quick dispersion in food and beverages
  • High process hygiene and use of food or pharmaceutical grade preservatives / antioxidants results in longer shelf life
  • Natural non-nutritive low sweetness index carbohydrates used as dilutant and complementing agent for sweet taste
  • Natural taste modifiers used to enhance the sweet taste and mask the aftertaste.

Specialties of iStevia Liquid Drops:

  • Highly soluble and easily mixes with all hot and cold beverages and foods
  • Has a very good taste
  • Does not have any unpleasant odour.
  • Taste is not spoiled by heat
  • Can be stored for a long time without refrigeration
  • Safe for all ages


  • iStevia Liquid Drops are packed in food grade PE tear drop bottles for the end user
  • Each individual pack is holstered in a tamper proof blister pack.
  • 24 such blister packs are packed in secondary cartons.
  • 16 of these cartons containing 400 iStevia Liquid Drops are packed in “shipper’s carton” for easy transportation



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