iStevia Sachets

iSteviaSachets is a product designed for consumers who prefer to carry their sweetener with them always. The sweetener is in free flowing granulated form for easy application and quick dissolution in hot or cold beverages. The product is packed in high quality metalized poly-coated paper pouches.  The product has a shelf life of ONE YEARwhen stored in ambient conditions.  A sachet of iSteviais suitable for sweetening TWO cups of tea or coffee .04

iSteviaSachets have unparalleled taste profile which is almost similar to that of sugar. It does not have any bitter after-taste or slow onset of sweetness commonly found in other stevia based products.

Technical Features of iStevia Sachets:

  • Natural non-nutritive low sweetness index carbohydrates are used as dilutant and complementing agent for sweet taste.
  • Specific Stevioside/Reb-A ratio is used which has high solubility and high sweetness index.
  • Natural taste modifiers are used to stabilise the sweet taste and mask the aftertaste of stevia.
  • The high solubility of the solid vehicle used, ensures quick dispersion in food and beverages. The vehicle is completely soluble in water and does not leave any unpleasant floating or sedimentary residues.
  • User friendly easy tear packaging
  • High quality packaging material used in the product ensures ZERO moisture diffusion in the product and high product shelf life.
  • One sachet is suitable for TWO cups of tea or coffee.
  • ONE YEAR shelf life.
  • Proprietary formulation with no bitter after-taste.
  • Quick dissolving formulation which does not leave any floating residue or sediment

Packaging of iStevia Sachets

  • 25 sachets are packed in a recyclable paper carton
  • 12 / 24 / 36 such cartons are shrink wrapped for shipment to distributors
  • Bulk packaging is done by placing the sachets in recyclable waterproof paper bags, shrink wrapped and despatched to bulk customers

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